How to Make Homemade Apple Wine or Brandy or Hard Cider Moonshiners Minibatch

I forgot to mention that if you want to make hard cider out of this all you need to do from this point is let it ferment the 14 or so days then bottle it wit…


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16 Responses to How to Make Homemade Apple Wine or Brandy or Hard Cider Moonshiners Minibatch

  1. Fern Gonzalez says:

    if you were making it as brandy you can drink it after the 2 weeks? Im new to this it would be my first time doing it and i was just wanting to do all my homework before i started and mess it up! lol and also do i filter it after the 2 weeks? like i said im pretty new so plz do be so harsh cause im just now learning! lol

  2. skybirdbird says:

    cool… did you use just regular bread yeast?

  3. outofworkbum says:

    If you are making brandy, it needs to ferment like this first for about 14 days, then you would distill it. After distilling you could drink right away or let it age a little more if you want.

  4. OlGreyWolf58 says:

    How would you make it cider?

  5. outofworkbum says:

    I dont have the exact recipe right now but the basic idea is that you do it like the vid, but when you bottle it you add champagne yeast and a little more sugar then seal the cap. It will create a sparkling cider wine, or do the same with un-pasturized cider instead of apple pieces. Careful not to add to much sugar or the bottles will explode!

  6. GreenThumbedPrepper says:

    @skybirdbird No! Use Champagne yeast. Bread yeast won’t work.

  7. outofworkbum says:

    You can actually use regular yeast, or champagne or brewers because when using real fruit with no other additives there is natural yeast on the fruit and you could technically not add any yeast with this method, but it would take a long time and or be pretty week. I used and all purpose yeast I had with this batch.

  8. Motty Ruttner says:

    could it be dangerous in any way if you mess up some how…?

  9. NGSPC4Life says:

    if its like making all grain beer shouldn’t your apples all settle after about 2 weeks of fermenting

  10. KRYSISJAG says:

    HI could I use a plastic bottle like the one you got and bury it like in your other video? thanks

  11. outofworkbum says:

    No, the key to this is the jar lids that allow air out but not in. Unless you could find a lid like that or get an airlock you could bury I don’t think it would work.

  12. outofworkbum says:

    not really, it could spoil or turn to vinegar but you probly wouldn’t be able to drink enough spoiled wine to make you sick

  13. outofworkbum says:

    Sometimes it all settles sometimes it’s half and half that settle, it usually does not make any difference in flavor or anything.

  14. Motty Ruttner says:

    thanks! so you would really taste vinegary taste and know the difference? when making, how do you avoid that. my grandfather used to make wine!

  15. Motty Ruttner says:

    * i guess if you distill moonshiner wrong, that would be more dangerous..

  16. Y A U Priyadarshana. Priyadarshana. says:

    very good

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