How to make Holiday Hard Cider

This is a simple recipe of hard cider and spices… absolutely delicious, especially if you don’t like the sour taste of regular hard cider. 3.5L of apple ju…


Mr. Beer Archer’s Orchard 2-Gallon Hard Cider Home Brew Kit

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25 Responses to How to make Holiday Hard Cider

  1. steve45ca says:

    I’m sorry, my mistake thinking I bulk primed this batch… I used carb tablets (sugar pills)…. i put 5 tablets in each bottle but these are 500ml….. you’d use less for regular beer bottles…. you could bulk prime it with a little less than 1/4 cup of dextrose, and I don’t mind you asking =]

  2. BadgersBrigade says:

    I’m sorry Steve, refresh my memory one more time… is it pasteurized apple juice or non-pasteurized apple juice that I want??

  3. steve45ca says:

    pasteurized bro =]

  4. BadgersBrigade says:

    i HAD A crazy FERMENTATION LAST NIGHT! I felt like i was in Pompeii!
    This is gonna rock!!!

  5. rikstap says:

    Just out of interest steve what was the stuff in the guzzler jug before you poured the mix into it? Like a White liquid?

  6. steve45ca says:

    That was the foam left over from sanitizing with star san…. it also acts as a yeast nutrient… =]

  7. Donald Boyle says:

    you said it turned out fine, so this doesnt matter much but when you added the spices it sure looked like you used a tablespoon and 1/2 tbsp ones and not teaspoons. also if you add small amounts of chalk to the finished cider and let it do its thing for 3 weeks it will help balance out the strong acid flavor and still be a dry cider.
    quick note on the chalk…do not add any more then they say is the max amount or you will taste it. do this 3 weeks before bottling

  8. steve45ca says:

    Thanks for the great tip with the chaulk…. I’ll have to try that. The measuring spoons I was using were teaspoons. It does look larger on the screen. Those particular spoons, I only have those 2 left from the set. Thanks for watching

  9. mrjc12 says:

    This recipe sounds delicious. Did it end up sweet? I want to make a sweet cider. What can you use instead of coopers ale yeast? thanx

  10. steve45ca says:

    it didnt finish sweet, however the nutmeg and cinnamon seemed to have canceled the sourness. You could use lactose (another youtuber jakeanddar has a video using lactose) to back sweeten. You can use pretty any type of yeast, many brewers like it dry like a wine. it really boils down to personal preference… I’d suggest doing a 1 gallon batch and see what you prefer. Thanks for watching

  11. henry93705 says:

    man i wish I’ve seen this video before i attempting my first batch of cider… think i can add the spices during priming phase?

  12. steve45ca says:

    you probably won’t get the full affect, not to mention the spices dont fully dissolve. they may settle out though…. it certainly couldn’t hurt to try it with a couple of bottles as an experiment. You’ll just have to figure out the right amount of spice for the amount of cider you’re going to try it with

  13. henry93705 says:

    how about adding the spices with some alcohol sugar into the secondary? thinking just boilin little bit of water with a sweetner and spices then strain it like in the video? or use a can of concentrate apple juice? sorry new to home brewing and wanted to try brewing hard cider vs beer.

  14. henry93705 says:

    also did you do a secondary fermentation on this?

  15. steve45ca says:

    you could try it, I’m not sure how it will turn out. The regular hard cider I make I don’t use the spices, just apple juice, and brown sugar. I wouldn’t add to much water if any. Maybe a can of apple juice concentrate and heat up the juice and spices and add them to the fermentor. Leave it for a week or so and strain it into a secondary fermentor for a week or so just so it will age…. I didnt use a secondary fermentation with this recipe.

  16. MrTroutguy says:

    How dry was it? In my expierence, my ciders have been very dry. 

  17. steve45ca says:

    i didnt find it that dry where i used the ale yeast

  18. ipodguythecacher says:

    Just tried your recipe yesterday. You stated that for this batch, you halved the brown sugar because it was too alcoholic the time before. I used 2 cups BS and will half it like you next time if it’s too strong. I also made 2 separate batches and I’m trying Safale 05 yeast in one and Lalvin 1118 in the other. I think I’ll like the ale yeast better. Your video gave me confidence to start brewing again after a 2 year lapse, so thank you!

    My question to you: How much priming sugar did you use?

  19. MrRustyBob says:

    I want to give this a try. Do you have any experience with Muntons active brewing yeast ? Is that a good choice ? Also, what do you think about using dark brown sugar ? Or a combination of both light and dark brown sugar ? I’ll be making a 3 gallon batch, since I already have that particular carboy already.

  20. North Border says:

    Them – Wow why did you buy so much cider… Me – Mind your own biz champ…

  21. steve45ca says:

    sorry, i’ve never used Muntons yeast but as long as it ferments and there aren’t any off flavours it should be fine. I’ve used Dark brown sugar and liked it. The difference is the amount of molasses in the sugar. since everyone has different tastes, you could make several batches and experiment. This is where the fun comes into brewing. if you brew the same thing every time I think most people would start finding our hobby a chore

  22. Jelder1276 says:

    So did you add priming sugar before bottling this?

  23. steve45ca says:


  24. willywonka225 says:

    Hi Steve, love the video! I have a batch brewing now! So let me get this straight, you let this ferment for about a week and then strained and bottled it with the priming sugar for another how long? In your video you said that you brewed it for about a month ago so does that mean you let it carbonate in the bottles for three weeks? Thanks!

  25. steve45ca says:

    yes sir…. i wanted it to age a bit before trying it…. sometimes spices need a little time to be smooth

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