How to make hard cider

Brewing your own hard cider is simple. Learn how in this step by step video.


Mr. Beer Archer’s Orchard 2-Gallon Hard Cider Home Brew Kit

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10 Responses to How to make hard cider

  1. daikaiju20 says:

    did you check gravity at begin and end to get alc content, looks like turned out great!! love the sound track, is it from American western movie? (hang em high i think?) thanks for sharing, love malamute!

  2. Kristin Coker says:

    What’s the difference between apple jack and hard cider? Great Video.

  3. Nick LaDieu says:

    apple jack is a liquor made where you freeze hard cider and scrape off the ice until you are left with a liquor

  4. SimonKentSmith says:

    Your crickets are LOUD!.. Thanks for showing me how to do this. I am a daily Woodchuck cider drinker. Been thinking about making my own for awhile now.

  5. Chris Pearson says:

    you can buy commercial applejack. Its made the same way that brandy is made.  Its a distilled hard cider. Its realllly good.

  6. adrahaxxen says:

    Just watching your reaction when you drank your cider was the best part… I hope mine turns out that good.

  7. 5kylord says:

    You presentation has inspired me to try my own luck at homemade cider. BTW beautiful malamute at the end of the video.

  8. Mark Seaborn says:

    I’m new to brewing and started my first gallon batch. It has been 48 hours and i’m get alot of yeast activity and have big globs floating at the top. Is this normal?

  9. jmac7682 says:

    So you open up the container and stir once per day during the initial fementation? I’ve been using Mott’s with regular fleshmann’s yeast with decent results. I haven’t tried adding adding flavor at the end. Also I hear adding rasins can also be effective, I may try it out tonight. Thanks for the video, your brew looks great. 

  10. TheOneZenith says:

    Yeah, don’t sweat it.

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